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Panic always brings chaos

Panic always brings chaos

Dearest Darling Friends,

Panic always brings chaos. Panic is always counter productive. Panic is a choice.

During a panic, I have three options:

1. Be destructive – Feed the chaos. Buy the anxiety. Add imaginary horrors. Await doomsday. Run scared. Live scared. Join the masses. Result – I am being destructive.

2. Be an idiot – Be indifferent. Act macho. Throw caution to the winds. Pretend you are infallible. Mock others. Mistake attention with adulation. Confuse people. Result – I am being an idiot.

3. Be helpful – Dig deep. Research properly. Talk to knowledgeable people and not to gossip mongers. Add my voice to make sane voices strong. Drown anxiety. Figure a way out of panic. Result – I am being helpful.

During a panic, the heroes are always people choosing the third option.

The current Carona Virus scare, needs a few heroes. Do you know anyone? Will you share their insights and thoughts please? That would be a great way to celebrate HOLI!

Wishing you a happy and a ‘panic free’ Holi.

With love, prayers and exceptional wishes,


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